Organic Mosquito Control in Larchmont & Nearby Areas

In the perpetual battle against mosquitoes, we are committed to 100% organic mosquito control solutions in Port Chester, New Rochelle, and Rye to keep your yard safe and mosquito free. At Andora Lawn Care, we take pride in offering effective organic mosquito control solutions to the local area since 2003. Give us a call or text at 914-525-2961 or get your instant estimate for your organic mosquito control plan.

No Mosquito bites!
No more Ticks!

It takes more than a lush, green lawn to enjoy your outdoor space. Ultimately, our mosquito and tick protection plans are essential compliments to a lush lawn and outdoor space.

Our Organic Mosquito Control Plan kills mosquitoes and ticks on contact and provides a force field, repelling pests for weeks to come. Better yet, because of their organic nature, these applications require no waiting period before you can return to enjoying your lawn. These treatments are typically effective for up to 4 weeks.


Are organic mosquito solutions as effective as chemical ones?

Organic mosquito repellents stand out as highly effective alternatives to their chemical counterparts. With a reduced environmental impact, these repellents pose minimal risks to ecosystems, degrading naturally over time. While requiring more frequent application, the long-term benefits of organic repellents contribute to a sustainable reduction in mosquito populations.

Your Local Organic Mosquito Control Plan

Between April and September, we maintain your mosquito control plan with six seasonal applications over those months, typically every 4 weeks. Our Organic Mosquito Control Plan protects you and your family from the dangers of Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, and other deadly diseases carried by mosquitoes and ticks. Most importantly, No annoying mosquito bites!


Our Mosquito Free Customers

Serving the local community since 2003 we have helped a lot of your neighbors achieve a lush yard that they can actually enjoy outside by getting rid of ticks and mosquitoes. 

Mosquito Control Plan For Larchmont, Rye, and New Rochelle

If you are searching for an organic mosquito control plan for your lawn, get your instant estimate right on our website here or give us a call or text at 914-525-2961. As a local company, we have knowledge and experience that allow us to provide a quality solution with local expert service. Andora Lawn Care is based in Larchmont and serves the surrounding areas, including Mamaroneck, Port Chester, and all nearby areas. Be sure to check out our other services, such as the Weed Control & Fertilizer Plan and Irrigation Maintenance Plan.