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Weed Control & Lawn Fertilizer Plans

As our most robust results plan, this plan guarantees to transform your dismal lawn into a lush green, and weed free carpet. You will be proud and your neighbors jealous.
Weed Control & Lawn Fertilizer Plan

Our most robust plan includes:

  • Lawn Care Prescription: We inspect your lawn's soil type, grass species, sun availability, weed types, sprinkler configuration, and other characteristics to determine the prescription for your lawn.
  • Seasonal fertilizer: We broadcast spread fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen, which will turn your lawn lush, thick and green. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter applications.
  • Weed Control: We eliminate ugly weeds that diminish lawn quality. Moreover, we take preventive measures and control weeds before they surface (Pre-Emergent), and we spot spray pre-existing weeds (Post-Emergent). In no time, you will have a weed-free lawn.
  • Insect Control: We control and eliminate the little critters that affect lawn health and aesthetics by chewing lawn blades and roots and eventually killing the lawn.
  • Soil conditioning: We broadcast spread highly purified organic lime to maintain soil PH because your lawn stays lush and green when its soil PH is maintained at the correct level.

Weed Control & Lawn Fertilizer PLUS Plan

For those looking for more, our "Weed Control and Lawn Fertilizer PLUS Plan" is sure to get the job done. This service includes everything listed in the standard "Weed Control and Lawn Fertilizer Plan" with the addition of Fungus Control.

Fungus control prevents or cures lawn disease (brown, yellowish grass). This disease is caused by excessive dampness from natural rainfall, incorrect watering methods, humidity and heat, and it usually occurs betwe