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What lawn fertilizer companies look for during consultations
January 23, 2023 at 10:00 PM
Image of a lush garden that uses a lawn fertilizer company.

Are you determined for 2023 to be the year your lawn finally looks lush and green? If the answer is yes, then having the right fertilizer plays an important role in achieving that goal. Different types of fertilizers satisfy varying needs, so choosing one can be daunting.

Instead of developing a system through trial and error, consult with a lawn care professional or a local fertilizer company to get the ideal treatment to bring out the best in your lawn. Most companies schedule consultations before they give a service estimate to evaluate your property and the condition of your grass.

But what do these companies look for during consultations? This post offers insight into what lawn fertilizers companies look for when developing a plan of action for a customer's property. Keep reading to learn the different factors considered by lawncare experts during consultations!

What kind of grass do you have?

Lawn fertilizer companies put a lot of research and development into supplies and services to deliver the most effective products for their customers' lawns. This process begins with the company evaluating the type of grass the customer has to determine the best fertilizer.

The evaluation process looks at factors such as:

  • Drought tolerance
  • Disease resistance
  • Shade tolerance
  • Growth requirements

Lawn professionals then find a product suitable for New Rochelle climate conditions while providing optimal benefits to customers' lawns. The company then uses this data to develop a fertilizer or supplement tailored to meet its customers' needs.

Companies can guarantee their customers get the most out of their fertilizing product purchase by taking into account the specific type of grass they have.