Lawn Care in Harrison, NY

Lawn Care in Harrison, NY

It doesn’t take long for weeds, brown patches, and pests to quickly take over your yard. Give your home the lawn care it deserves. Whatever the condition of your lawn, Andora has the expertise to fix it. Get a lush, weed-free outdoor space that you’ll love.  You might be asking yourself questions like these:

  • Can a lawn care company make my grass greener?
  • Where do I find a good lawn care company?
  • What are the best lawn care maintenance tips?


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Andora Lawn Care – Providing Quality Lawn Care for 20+ Years

Andora Lawn Care is more than just your neighborly lawn care company. We are an unparalleled mosquito control service committed to making you fall in love with your home’s outdoor spaces again. Our lawn care and organic mosquito control treatments will work wonders in transforming your outdoor space.

At Andora Lawn Care, we know the significance of your lawn and how it can enhance your home’s appeal and overall comfort. We believe that everyone deserves an exceptional outdoor space to enjoy. With Andora Lawn Care, your contentment and satisfaction won’t just bloom; they’ll thrive.

Best Options for Professional Lawn Care in Harrison, NY

Organic Mosquito Defense Program. Andora Lawn Care’s natural mosquito control system features products that swiftly eliminate mosquitoes and ticks on contact by creating a protective shield that keeps pests away for weeks. And there’s no waiting period! Get back to enjoying your lawn right away. Our treatments last for 4 weeks or even longer.

Weed Management & Lawn Fertilization Strategy. Our comprehensive lawn care plan includes a thorough assessment of your lawn. We consider factors such as soil type, grass species, sunlight exposure, weed varieties, and sprinkler arrangement. Eradicate unsightly weeds and control pests that impact the health of your lawn.

Natural Lawn Nourishment. Andora Lawn Care’s organic lawn care program provides your lawn with essential nutrients that encourage robust, green growth without harsh weed control measures. Watch your thick, lush green lawn naturally outcompete weeds. The materials we use add organic matter to the soil, boosting the development of fertile soil over time.

Top-Rated Lawn Care Business in Harrison, NY

As a top lawn care provider and Long Island’s leading service for organic tick and mosquito control, we proudly stand as the ultimate authority in the field. Hear it from some of our happy customers in the five-star reviews!

“Jay and his crew have handled our landscaping for years. They are incredibly responsive, the lawn looks great and all of this is achieved with pet-safe materials.Soggy Doggy Productions.

Have used Andora for almost 10 years. Consistently reliable, responsive, and reasonably priced. Do a great job keeping the property looking healthy and maintained. – Ari P.

“Jay is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. He takes amazing care of our lawn and keeps it looking green year round!Michael B.

Quotes for Lawn Care in Harrison, NY

We can’t wait to help you rejuvenate your outdoor space. Whether you’re considering lawn care, mosquito control services, or the whole package, we’re sure to have the solutions you’re looking for. Give Andora Lawn Care a call and let us turn your lawn into an outdoor space you’ll love.

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