Health Risks That Can Be Prevented With Mosquito Spraying

Residents of Mamaroneck and its surroundings know the agony of mosquitos. The distaste for these little tyrants isn’t unique to New York – mosquitos are the deadliest creature on earth, with mosquito-borne illnesses killing nearly one million people per year. Depending on the part of the world where mosquitoes are found, different mosquito-borne viruses can cause havoc, affecting infant mortality in pregnant women, and the lifespan of everyone from children to healthy adults. Mosquito-borne illness doesn’t discriminate.

In North America, and New York specifically, mosquito spraying is as much a safety measure as a comfort one. It is imperative that your family and loved ones are protected from the various illnesses mosquitoes can transmit. There are human and nature-friendly methods of mosquito spraying that will combat the annoyance of mosquitoes but will also protect you from a serious illness.

All About Mozzies: What They’re Spreading in New York

Not all mosquitoes spread viruses, but the ones that do are good at it. There are a few heavy-hitting American mosquito species that carry and transmit the greatest share of disease. They include

  • Aedes species mosquitoes (Ae. aegypti)
  • Culex species mosquitoes (Cx. pipiensCx. tarsalisCx. quinquefasciatus)
  • Anopheles species mosquitoes (An. freeborni and An. quadrimaculatus)

These mosquitoes share the inauspicious title of transmitting the greatest numbers of cases of dengue, chikungunya, Zika, and West Nile viruses in the United States and American Samoa.

4 Illnesses Mosquito Spraying Protects From

Dengue Fever

Dengue fever (also known by the terrifying moniker ‘breakbone fever’) is a mosquito-borne illness found in the United States and its territories. Dengue fever is characterized by high fever, chills, fatigue, rash, increased bruising and bleeding, and widespread muscle and joint pain. Unfortunately, people who have previously suffered from dengue fever are at greater risk of serious complications or death if they are infected a second time. While most cases can be managed without hospitalization, there is no “cure” for dengue fever. The best way to avoid this nasty affliction is to avoid mosquitos.


Chikungunya can be tricky to diagnose, as symptoms only appear a week or so following a bite by the infected mosquito. Like other mosquito borne illnesses, chikungunya is characterized by high fever, chills, body aches, and gastrointestinal distress. Fatigue is also a hallmark, with patients typically needing a full week of total rest to recover. As with dengue fever, there is no magic-bullet treatment for chikungunya. Mosquito spraying is an excellent preventative measure for dodging chikungunya.

Zika virus

Zika virus has had a recent stint in the spotlight as an outbreak in 2017 triggered strict travel advisories for pregnant women. The terror of the Zika virus is that, in most cases, infected people have no symptoms. Terrifyingly, some infected people experience Guillain-Barre syndrome, which can cause paralysis of indeterminate length. The true nightmare of Zika is its effect on unborn children. Fetuses whose mothers contract the Zika virus are at increased risk for microcephaly, a birth defect characterized by diminished brain growth that can result in significant developmental delays.

West Nile Virus

The most common mosquito-borne illness in the United States is West Nile Virus. This virus shares a commonality with Zika, in that most people who carry the virus suffer no symptoms. Those who do exhibit symptoms, though, have aching, rash, fever, vomiting, and extreme fatigue that can last weeks or months.

Protect Your Home By Mosquito Spraying in Mamaroneck

Unfortunately, total species elimination of mosquitoes is a no-go due to the impact on the food chain and the various ecosystems that mosquitoes inhabit. So, while forced extinction isn’t the answer, peaceful cohabitation is. Andora Lawn Care provides comprehensive, organic solutions that guarantee your lawn and garden are not only mosquito free, but that other problematic bugs are repelled as well. Contact Andora to learn about how our mosquito spraying treatments can eliminate mosquitoes and create an organic, lawn-friendly barrier to mosquitos.


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