You take good care of your home. You deserve to have a lawn that matches your hard work. But weeds, brown spots, and pests can take over your yard. No matter the state of your lawn, we can transform it. Get a lush, weed-free, and mosquito-free outdoor space you can finally enjoy.

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Reach out with any questions about who we are, what we do, and what makes Andora Lawn Care special. Schedule an appointment and leave your cell phone number. It’s what you and your home deserve.

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Andora – Expert Lawn Care for 20 Years

Andora Lawn Care is more than another neighbor. We are an unrivaled lawn care and mosquito control service that will revitalize your home. Our lawn care & organic mosquito control treatments transform outdoor spaces.

At Andora Lawn Care, we understand what your lawn means to your home and comfort, and we believe everyone deserves a remarkable outdoor space. With Andora, your contentment and satisfaction do not just blossom, they flourish. 

Lawn Care Services in Larchmont, NY

Organic Mosquito Control Plan. Andora’s products kill mosquitoes and ticks on contact and provide a kind of force field, repelling pests for weeks to come. Because of their organic nature, these applications require no waiting period before you can return to enjoying your lawn. These treatments are effective for 4 weeks and longer.

Weed Control & Lawn Fertilizer Plan. Our most robust plan includes an inspection of your lawn’s soil type, grass species, sun availability, weed types, sprinkler configuration, and more. We broadcast spread fertilizer, eliminate ugly weeds, and control the little critters that affect lawn health.

Organic Lawn Care. Andora provides your lawn with nutrients that encourage lush, green lawn growth without weed control measures. Essentially, this involves growing a lush thick green lawn that out-competes the weeds. Additionally, the material adds organic matter to the soil that creates fertile soil over time.

Trustworthy Lawn Care Business in Larchmont, NY

As the premiere lawn care and leading organic tick and mosquito control service, we are the veritable authorities. Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say!

“As a landscape designer, I have worked with Jay at Andora for many years. He is professional and responsive. And his clients’ lawns always look great.” – Kitz W.

“I use Andora Lawn and Landscaping for all my lawn needs. They are an amazing company that provides amazing Lawn and Landscaping services.” – William D.

“Amazing group to work with for landscaping and snow removal. Highly recommend!” – Cynthia C.

Estimate for Lawn Care in Larchmont, NY

We can’t wait to hear from you, and we can’t wait to revitalize your outdoor space. Whether you’re interested in our lawn care or mosquito control services, we’re sure we have the solutions. Give us a call let us make your lawn something to love.

Schedule an appointment for lawn care in Larchmont, NY!

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