Should You Use Organic Products When Spraying For Ticks?

More than most other pests, ticks are more than just a nuisance. Ticks pose a significant health hazard to people, and eliminating these insects is essential to preserving your and your family’s health. Still, applying synthetic pesticides can be like fighting fire with fire, often resulting in these toxic chemicals hurting someone or something. If you want to eliminate ticks without exposing your loved ones to hazardous materials, spraying for ticks with organic sprays is an excellent solution. Here’s everything you need to know about organic tick treatments:

What is organic tick spray?

The most effective organic tick spray contains what many consider a harmless chemical: cedar oil. In the past, many organic sprays have been ineffective and lasted for a few hours at best.

Their ineffectuality is because these products relied on herbs and essential oils but didn’t pack the punch needed to eliminate the ticks. Cedar oil, however, works perfectly. Cedar oil blocks the tick’s scent receptors, disrupts its bodily systems, and suffocates it.

Still, cedar oil has a far more lethal effect. When ticks come in contact with cedar oil, they dry up. Young ticks completely disintegrate, and it almost always fatally injures adults.

How often and where should I apply organic tick spray?

A minor disadvantage of using organic materials when spraying for ticks is these products lack the potency of synthetic pesticides. Because they wear off faster, we advise spraying every three weeks, though some people prefer spraying every six weeks.

Depending on the product, some organic applications last 45 to 60 days. We recommend five treatments per season, which requires spraying at least once a month. You need to consider other variables, too. You likely require more frequent applications if you:

  • Live in a densely wooded area.
  • Live in an area that experiences heavy rain.
  • Live in an area with sizable populations of carrier animals like mice, raccoons, squirrels, and deer that visit your property.

We advise applying organic tick spray around the perimeter of your property and on the woods line, right of ways, brush piles, and wood piles. Also, spray foundation shrubs, under decks, and focus on shaded, damp areas ticks often use as habitats for breeding.

Why should I use organic tick spray?

Considering its efficacy, a primary reason to consider spraying for ticks with organic spray is it poses “little to no risk to human health or the environment,” meaning you can use these sprays in unlimited amounts without harming your environment.

You also only need a small amount of organic spray. One gallon can treat 16 acres. For families especially, organic tick spray is an excellent alternative to exposing children and pets to harmful chemicals since it’s completely safe.

Applying organic tick spray also requires no re-entry period, so you and your family can go outside immediately after application, which is an added convenience. Also, insects have been developing resistance to synthetic sprays.

When you apply a synthetic spray, 20-30% of them can sometimes survive because they have adapted. Because oils impact how these insects function naturally, they cannot develop resistance.

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Eliminating pests should never come at the expense of your health or the health of those you love most. However, exposure to toxic chemicals in synthetic sprays can mean just that. At Andora Lawn Care, we are an unrivaled, full-service organic tick and mosquito control company. Our passion is protecting our cherished community from these obnoxious and dangerous pests. With unrivaled, attentive, personalized service, we can transform your outdoor space into one you can finally enjoy. Contact us now for a custom quote!


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