Lawn Care in Port Chester, NY

Lawn Care in Port Chester, NY

Eliminate weeds, brown spots, and pests from your yard. No matter the state of your lawn, we can help transform it. Get a lush, weed-free, and mosquito-free outdoor space you can finally enjoy with Andora Lawn Care.

You’re probably asking questions like these:

  • What’s the best lawn care program?
  • How often should you have lawn care in New York?
  • What does lawn care in Port Chester cost?

Find out what makes Andora Lawn Care special and why it’s what you and your home deserve.

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Crabgrass Control

Andora Lawn Care – Expert Lawn Care for 20+ Years

At Andora Lawn Care, we understand what your lawn means to your home and comfort, and we believe everyone deserves a remarkable outdoor space. With Andora, your contentment and satisfaction will flourish.

Andora Lawn Care is an unrivaled lawn care and mosquito control service that will revitalize your home. Our lawn care & organic mosquito control treatments transform outdoor spaces.

Unbeatable Choices for Lawn Care in Port Chester, NY

Organic Lawn Care.  Andora provides your lawn nutrients that encourage lush, green lawn growth without weed control measures. You’ll grow a lush thick green lawn that beats out the weeds. Our product adds organic matter to the soil which creates fertile soil.

Weed Control & Lawn Fertilizer. Our plan includes an inspection of your lawn’s soil type, grass species, sun availability, weed types, sprinkler configuration, and more. We spread fertilizer, eliminate ugly weeds, and control the pests that impact your lawn’s health.

Organic Mosquito Control. Andora’s products kill mosquitoes and ticks on contact and repel pests for weeks to come. Our organic applications require no waiting period before you can return to enjoying your lawn. Our treatments are effective for 4 weeks or even longer.

Top-Rated Lawn Care in Port Chester, NY

Andora is the premiere lawn care and leading organic tick and mosquito control service. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what some of our happy customers had to say in their five-star reviews!

“Jay and his team always provide quick and quality care to our lawn.  We’ve used them for a couple of projects and have had nothing but positive experiences.”– Katie A.

“Jay and his excellent crew have done wonders for our lawn over time. You’ll be happy you use their services. Green, healthy lawn and environment… here we come!” – Lawrence T.

“Have used Andora for almost 10 years. Consistently reliable, responsive, and reasonably priced. Do a great job keeping the property looking healthy and maintained.” – Ari P.

Estimates for Lawn Care in Port Chester, NY

We can’t wait to revitalize your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for lawn care or mosquito control services, we have the custom solution for you! Give us a call let us make your lawn a space you’ll love again!

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