Lawn Care in Purchase, NY

Lawn Care in Purchase, NY

You try your best to take care of your lawn. But sometimes it seems to have a mind of its own and doesn’t want to respond to all your efforts. Weeds, brown spots, and pests can be hard to eliminate. It’s time to let Andora transform your lawn into the green space you’ve always dreamed about.

You may be asking yourself these questions:

  • How much do lawn care companies charge in New York?
  • What is the best lawn care program to keep your lawn green?
  • Who is the best lawn care company in Purchase, NY?

Find out for yourself what makes Andora Lawn Care the best in the business. Get the lawn you deserve.

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Crabgrass Control

Andora – Your Trusted Lawn Care Experts for 20+ Years

Andora wants to be your lawn care and mosquito control service. We won’t just deliver a beautiful lawn. We’ll breathe life into all of your outdoor space. Choose from lawn care, mosquito control, and more!

Your lawn isn’t just something to look at. Your environment has a major impact on your comfort and well-being. Get an amazing outdoor space to build meaningful relationships with the people you care about.

Full Range of Lawn Care Services in Purchase, NY

Organic Lawn Care. Does it seem like your lawn refuses to turn a healthy shade of green? Is it being ruled by weeds? Your yard is probably missing the nutrients it requires. Revitalize your lawn with nutrients that encourage lush, green growth.

Weed Control & Lawn Fertilizer. First, we start with an inspection of your lawn’s soil type, grass species, sun availability, and more. Then we broadcast spread fertilizer, remove stubborn weeds, and eradicate the critters that impact lawn health.

Organic Mosquito Control Plan. Our products effectively kill mosquitoes and ticks on contact. But they are still safe for you and your family. Go ahead and immediately start enjoying protection that will last for weeks following application.

Purchase’s Favorite Lawn Care Professionals

Andora is the premiere organic lawn care and mosquito control service. Here’s what some of our happy customers had to say about us in their 5-star reviews!

“Jay and his crew are fantastic, always thoughtful, and follow the rules of our village. Great company to hire for landscaping and more.” – Carolyn L.

“Have used Andora for almost 10 years. Consistently reliable, responsive, and reasonably priced. Do a great job keeping the property looking healthy and maintained.” – Ari P.

“Jay and his team always provide quick and quality care to our lawn. We’ve used them for a couple of projects and have had nothing but positive experiences.” – Katie A.

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Don’t wait any longer! You can revitalize your outdoor space and make it a beautiful spot to spend your nights and weekends. Whether you’re in the market for lawn care or mosquito control, Andora has the solutions you want!

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