Professional Lawn Care Tips For Yard Mosquito Prevention

One of the best parts of summer is spending the long, cool evenings relaxing in the yard. Hosting family barbeques, birthday parties, and kids’ sleepovers are some of the best ways to create cherished lifelong memories for you and your family. However, when your yard is a breeding ground for mosquitos, you’ll find yourself spending the summer indoors, hesitant even to open the windows. Here are some of the top tips lawn care professionals recommend for mosquito prevention for your yard.

Eliminate standing water

It’s common knowledge that mosquitos breed in standing water. You may not know that mosquitos can emerge from tiny puddles, sometimes as small as a quarter. Kids’ toys, flower pots, and gardening equipment can all accumulate rainwater and become breeding grounds for swarms of mosquitos.

However, poor drainage, uneven ground, and bare spots in your lawn can also collect water after a rainstorm or even after running the sprinklers. A lawn care company will analyze your property and provide solutions to eliminate standing water in your yard.

Regularly mow your grass

Mosquitos also love shady areas; if you’re landscaping your property for the first time, try to avoid creating places that stay in the shade throughout the day. You may not realize that as your lawn gets longer, the blades of grass provide welcoming shade to insects––including mosquitos.

Keeping your lawn trim with regular mowing ensures sunlight reaches the ground beneath. You provide light for the entire blade of grass and avoid creating a haven for insects.

Landscape with mosquito-repelling plants

If you struggle with mosquito prevention in your yard, you likely already light citronella candles and torches to repel them. Citronella is also an attractive grass that looks great as a border for flower beds or in pots.

Some flowering plants and shrubs naturally repel mosquitos. Use your summer planting schedule to create a landscape that shields your grass and patio from annoying insects.

Maximize breezes across your property

Outdoor fans provide a welcome breeze on hot, stifling summer afternoons, but they also offer an added benefit. Mosquitos struggle to fly when there’s a breeze, so outdoor fans are an effective way to deter insects from congregating on your outdoor patio.

The carbon dioxide people expel while breathing can attract mosquitos from neighboring yards. Fans disperse breath, making it much harder for mosquitos to target your yard, even during a get-together with friends and family.

Schedule an appointment for mosquito prevention services

One of the most effective ways to eliminate mosquitos and other insects from your lawn is by working with a lawn care company such as Andora Lawn Care. We evaluate every client’s property individually and develop a customized mosquito prevention treatment plan.

Don’t suffer through another summer plagued by biting insects and covered in bug spray. Address the problem at the source by hiring pros to treat your lawn for mosquito and tick prevention, resulting in a lusher yard free from insects.

Andora Lawn Care provides expert lawn care services, including mosquito prevention for yards in Larchmont, New York, with

Andora Lawn Care is a local New York company with an exclusive service area in Larchmont, Mamaroneck, and New Rochelle. We’re more than just a lawn care company; we’re your neighbors. Many of our clients are just blocks from each other, making it easy for us to provide the dedicated, personalized care we pride ourselves on delivering. If you’re not using Andora Lawn Care for your property, you’re doing it a disservice. We combine years of experience with personal pride in a job well done.

Spend more time outdoors, enjoying your yard, when you book Andora Lawn Care for mosquito prevention for your yard.


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