What Do Lawn Renovation Companies Do?

Is your lawn full of bare spots, weeds, moss, or just generally unhealthy? Trying to bring it back to its former glory can be an overwhelming DIY project. When your lawn needs more than just routine maintenance, it’s time to call in the experts for a full lawn renovation. But what exactly does this entail? Here’s an overview of the revitalizing services professional lawn renovation companies like Andora Lawn Care provide:

Lawn Assessment

The first step is a thorough evaluation of your lawn’s current condition. This includes checking for compacted soil, thatch buildup, drainage issues, grass varieties, shade patterns and any diseases or pests. Your lawn care technician will assess challenges and weak spots, analyze soil samples, and determine the best plan for renewal.

Dethatching and Aerating

Thatch buildup and heavy soil prevent air, water and nutrients from reaching grass roots. Dethatching removes layers of accumulated dead grass clippings and stems. Aerating punches holes to alleviate soil compaction and improve oxygen flow to the roots. Your lawn can breathe again!

Moss and Weed Removal

Moss thrives incompacted, shady lawns. Pre-emergent and selective herbicides target weeds without damaging grass. Renovation experts will determine the safest, most effective organic products to eliminate moss and weeds as part of your lawn renewal.

Seeding and Sodding

Bare, thinning areas will be re-established with new grass. Your technician determines whether overseeding sparse spots or laying new sod is best. The grass species chosen will be hardy, adapted to your yard’s sun, soil and climate conditions.

Fertilization and pH Adjustment

Restoring optimal nutrient levels and pH balance in the soil ensures new grass gets off to a vigorous start. Organic fertilizer, lime and sulphur will be prescribed and applied based on your soil analysis results.

Grade Repair and Landscaping

Low spots and uneven areas in your yard can lead to ongoing lawn problems. Grading repairs improve drainage so water flows away from the house. Sodding, planting beds and other landscaping may be incorporated to enhance the renewed lawn.

Post-Planting Care

The renovation continues after new sod or seed takes root. Supplemental watering, mowing adjustments, organic fertilization and monitoring ensure your new lawn matures thick, green and healthy. Follow-up pest treatments and aeration may be recommended.

Why Hire Lawn Renovation Professionals?

Revitalizing a worn-out lawn is heavy-duty work. Trying a DIY overhaul often meets frustrating setbacks. Landscape contractors have the equipment, staff, and expertise to efficiently renovate lawns:

  • Professional hydroseeding machines apply seed and stabilizing materials quickly over large areas.
  • Specialized dethatching power rakes reach deep to remove years of accumulated thatch.
  • Core aeration reduces compaction significantly compared to home plug removers.
  • Contractors have access to heavy machinery and grading implements impossible for homeowners to own.
  • Optimal grass seed blends and organic products deliver superior results.
  • Established landscape professionals have trusted suppliers to source quality sod or specialty seed varietals.

Get in touch with Andora Lawn Care for assistance from a dedicated lawn renovation company!

Look, restoring a tired, unkempt lawn is tough work. It’s more than a typical homeowner can handle alone. When your lawn needs serious help, turn to the experts. Landscape contractors like us have the equipment, staffing, and know-how to get your yard back in shape efficiently.

We’ve renovated countless lawns over the years, so we know exactly how to bring out their best. With Andora Lawn Care, you can sit back while we overhaul your lawn completely. We’ll make it smooth, green, and lush again. Your neighbors will be jealous! Give us a call for a free quote, and let’s talk about how we can renovate your lawn and restore your property’s great curb appeal. We’d love to make your yard the showcase of the neighborhood again.


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