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What is a lawn seeding service?
July 27, 2022 at 7:00 AM
What is a lawn seeding service?

It can be frustrating to spend an excess of time and money on making your lawn look beautiful and green, only for it to be patchy and thin. At Andora Lawn Care, we can help bring back the lush, thick lawn you once had with our lawn seeding service.

Lawn seeding is a great way to enhance the current state of your lawn or return it to the beauty it once had. Our service takes a significant step toward restoring your lawn with our lawn renovation plan. Read more below to learn more about our process and how it will help your lawn.


You don’t have to tear out your lawn to plant new seeds. Instead, you can overseed by planting more grass seed directly into the soil with your existing turf. Overseeding is a great way to start filling in dead spots or increasing the density of the grass. You’ll notice that your grass starts to look much more uniform across your lawn as patches start to fill in. We’ll provide you with specific instructions on how to water the new seed because it’s different than watering a lawn that’s already established.

Spot seeding

It’s not uncommon to have stubborn areas of your lawn that don’t want to grow. We’ll give these spots special attention to help the grass grow healthy and strong. Our experts will continue to give these areas weekly attention over the coming months to ensure the grass is getting the appropriate amount of water it needs and the seed is germinating in the soil.


As part of your lawn seeding service, your lawn care expert will provide an inspection to identify the exact problem your lawn is facing. For instance, they’ll examine whether an area isn’t getting enough water. They’ll provide you with feedback that will help to correct the problem and ensure your entire lawn is getting the water it needs to thrive.