The Best Ways To Kill Ticks In Your Yard Without Harming The Environment

Regularly servicing your yard is essential for a well-maintained property, although it can be a tiring task. Good upkeep not only enhances the look of your home’s exterior but also helps prevent tick infestations. Unfortunately, many store-bought insect repellants contain harmful chemicals that have negative effects on the environment. What many property owners do not realize, is that there are several uncomplicated and natural approaches to dealing with these pests that don’t wreak havoc on our planet.

At Andora, we provide a range of natural treatments that serve to both safeguard your outdoor space and enhance its appearance. Read on to discover the best ways to kill ticks in your yard without harming the environment.

Apply natural oils

One of the simplest and most effective methods to eliminate ticks from your yard is to apply natural oils designed to combat these pests. For instance, oils like garlic and peppermint emit potent odors that prompt ticks to move away. Alternatively, neem or cedar oil can be applied to directly eliminate ticks by suffocating, starving, or dehydrating them. Regularly spraying these natural oils in your yard, approximately every two weeks, should provide the protection you need to control the tick population.

Trim tall shrubs

Ticks, much like numerous other insects, are drawn to moisture. Often, homeowners overlook the fact that excessive growth of trees, shrubs, and plants can foster a damp habitat where these pests tend to thrive. The shade cast by these features obstructs sunlight, hindering the maintenance of a dry environment. Therefore, it is crucial to consistently trim the taller plants in your yard to prevent this issue.

Border your lawn

Frequently, redirecting ticks away from your yard proves to be a more efficient approach compared to extermination. A highly effective method to achieve this is by establishing a boundary around your lawn that deters these pests from venturing into your space. This can be achieved by utilizing materials like wood chips or pebbles, both of which construct a broad, dry surface acting as a deterrent for ticks. Moreover, implementing such a border not only serves its functional purpose but also enhances the visual appeal of your property by showcasing the natural elements. For optimal outcomes, it’s advisable to create a barrier spanning at least three feet in width.

Grow herbs

If you are an avid gardener, the best way to kill ticks in your yard is by cultivating herbs that possess natural repellent or toxic properties. This approach offers an alternative to the application of natural oils through spraying. When you introduce these plants directly into your soil, their oils will be gradually released, effectively eradicating ticks over an extended period, for as long as you can manage to keep these plants healthy. Among the suggested herbs for planting are lavender, eucalyptus, sage, and lemongrass.

Implement an organic mosquito control plan

Choosing a professional lawn care service is an excellent strategy to keep unwanted insects away while alleviating the burden of regular yard upkeep. At Andora, we provide an organic mosquito control program designed to eradicate both mosquitos and ticks from your yard by applying a potent, entirely natural spray. Unlike most DIY solutions and commercially available natural repellents, our spray application boasts a prolonged effectiveness of up to four weeks. This extended duration gives you more time to enjoy your outdoor space and minimizes concerns regarding pests. Our comprehensive mosquito control plan encompasses six seasonal applications spanning from April to September, a period when ticks pose the highest threat.

Have you spotted ticks in your yard? Contact our team today to learn more about our organic lawn care services.


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