Choosing The Right Lawn Care Plan For Your Property

Having a healthy and vibrant lawn requires regular care and maintenance. One of the key factors in achieving a lush lawn is selecting the right lawn care plan.

At Andora Lawn Care, we offer a selection of lawn care plans designed to address specific needs and deliver optimal results.

Let’s quickly go over these lawn care plans, so you can choose the right one for your property’s needs.

Weed Control & Lawn Fertilizer Plans

This is our most robust results plan, and it is designed for homeowners looking to completely transform their drab outdoor lawn into a lush green and weed-free carpet. Say goodbye to weeds and hello to an envy-inducing yard.

Our weed control and lawn fertilizer plans consist of balanced fertilization programs to promote healthy growth and nourishment of the grass in your outdoor space. This plan takes care of everything your lawn needs:

  • Lawn Care Prescription: Our experts assess your lawn’s specific characteristics — soil type, grass species, sun exposure, weed types, and so on. We then create a tailored prescription to meet your lawn’s unique needs.
  • Seasonal Fertilizer: Specialized nitrogen-rich fertilizer is applied as the seasons change. This promotes healthy growth and results in a thick, vibrant green lawn.
  • Weed Control: We eliminate existing weeds and prevent new ones from surfacing through targeted spot-spraying and preventive measures. Your lawn will be free from unsightly weeds in no time.
  • Insect Control: Our organic mosquito control measures ensure that pests don’t compromise the health and beauty of your lawn. We keep those tiny intruders at bay, protecting your lawn from damage.

Weed Control & Lawn Fertilizer PLUS Plan

For those seeking an even higher level of excellence, our “Weed Control and Lawn Fertilizer PLUS Plan” has got you covered. It includes everything from our standard plan, along with specialized Fungus Control.

This valuable addition prevents and treats lawn diseases, ensuring your lawn remains healthy and vibrant all year round.

Organic-Based Lawn Plan

At Andora Lawn Care, we understand the allure of an organic-based approach to lawn care. Our goal is to provide you with a lush, green lawn that thrives naturally, without relying on traditional weed control measures.

Our organic-based lawn plan focuses on nurturing your lawn in a way that encourages vibrant growth and minimizes weed presence.

A critical aspect of this plan is soil conditioning: We believe that healthy soil is the foundation for a thriving lawn. To maintain optimal soil pH, we utilize highly purified organic lime. This ensures that your lawn remains lush and green, as the correct pH level supports its overall health.

The Seed Lawn Renovation Plan

We renovate lawns that exhibit dead spots, thin grass, excess weed growth, and general signs of failing lawn health.

Our comprehensive plan includes:

  • Weed Removal: We eliminate weeds manually and through targeted treatments.
  • Core Aeration: Enhance root development and nutrient absorption.
  • Sprinkler System Inspections: Optimize coverage for effective irrigation.
  • Mechanical Slitting of Seeds: Ensure optimal seed-to-soil contact for better germination.

Unique Bonus Offers for a Picture-Perfect Lawn

Exclusive First Organic Mosquito Control Application

This offer is exclusively available for new customers. Act now, as we only accept 23 new customers per season for this special offer.

Free Weed Control with Lawn Fertilizer Plan

This offer is valid for new customers. Don’t miss out, as we can only accept 23 new customers per season for this promotion.

Bundle and Save: Weed Control, Lawn Fertilizer, and Organic Mosquito Control

Enjoy a 14% price reduction when you choose this package.

Switch and Save: Upgrade Your Mosquito Control

Switch from your current mosquito control provider and enjoy a 19% price reduction. Simply show us your existing contract, and we will not only cut your costs but also provide higher-quality service with guaranteed results.

Seed Lawn Renovation Guarantee: Optimum Results Guaranteed

Experience a no-risk seed lawn renovation with our exclusive one-year guarantee. If your lawn is not at its optimum state by the following year, we will provide additional seed at no cost to you.

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Choosing the right lawn care plan is crucial for maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn. Our lawn care plans and customized solutions are readily available to you. We service homeowners and businesses in Larchmont and the surrounding areas, including Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Port Chester, and Harrison.

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