How Lawn Renovation Companies Can Help You

Lawn renovations can be as thorough as an indoor renovation. While some may assume because there aren’t structural requirements or dry wall to bust through an outdoor renovation is easy, that is far from the truth. There are a myriad of concerns you have to think of when renovating your lawn, and it can get a bit difficult to keep track of them on your own. That’s precisely where the help of a reliable lawn renovation company comes in handy.

At Andora, we believe in sustainable and comprehensive lawn care services for all. Our team of lawn care experts offers services that include everything from weed control to organic mosquito control programs. One of our specialities is assisting clients through a lawn care renovation. Don’t take on this daunting process alone, allow our experts to guide you through a stunning, clean, and easy lawn renovation.

For your consideration, we’ve outlined some key ways a lawn renovation company can help you.

Establishing and sticking to a budget

One of the hardest parts of planning for and conducting a successful lawn renovation is establishing and sticking to a budget—particularly if you’ve never done this before. There are a lot of steps that go into a lawn renovation and if you’ve never done or are simply inexperienced, it can be overwhelming.

With help from lawn renovation companies, you never have to worry about going over your budget. Once you’ve outlined what you desire, they can give you a quote and help you settle on a fair budget for the job. From then on you can be sure your budget will be minded to strictly—unless of course there are unforeseen issues or circumstances that alter the project.

Long term maintenance

After a lawn renovation, unlike a home renovation, you have the responsibility of maintaining your newly designed outdoor space. This can involve everything from regularly mowing the lawn to consistent weed control. Needless to say, it can get pretty cumbersome to maintain your lawn after a renovation on your own.

When you work with an expert lawn renovation company, you take the burden of long term lawn care off your shoulders. You can ask your team to continue to maintain your lawn long after a renovation. From trimming hedges to spraying for pests, your lawn care specialists will be there for you long after the renovation work is done.

Pests and weed control

Speaking of pests, when planning and executing a lawn renovation, you may come across a pest problem. While you can attempt to spray for pests on your own, to truly eradicate the problem it typically takes a professional touch. In that case, you have to hire a pest company on top of paying for your renovation materials and taking the time to do said renovation. While this is entirely possible it’s also entirely avoidable. When you work with lawn renovation companies, you never have to worry about pests and pest control.

At Andora, we are well trained to deal with any pest control issues that may arise during a renovation. Allowing your renovation to stay on track and saving you from needing to seek out and hire another company.

The perks of a professional touch

Overall, a lawn renovation company can provide you with much higher quality services and a more complete renovation than any DIYer—no matter how skilled. If you’re interested in working with an expert lawn renovation company, consider the elite team at Andora. Check out our lawn care and renovation services or reach out for a quote today!

You deserve a superb lawn, don’t skimp on the means to get it!


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