How To Have A Mosquito Free Yard

There’s nothing quite as nice as relaxing in your yard during the summer time. Enjoying the weather and your space to the fullest extent in the warmer months is one of the amazing perks of homeownership. However, a mosquito problem can all but make your outdoor space unlivable. That’s why taking steps to keep your yard mosquito free is a necessity.

At Andora, we understand the importance of making your outdoor space as comfortable as possible. Our team offers a wealth of experience and all aspects of lawn care and lawn renovation. If your lawn needs a trim, a full makeover, or, even, pest management, our dedicated team has your back. Now, consider some of our top tips for maintaining a mosquito free yard.

Avoid standing water at all costs

Mosquitos love the water. In fact, they breed and gestate in standing water. Thus, one of the most important ways to keep your lawn mosquito free is to avoid allowing any standing water to sit on your property. In fact, mosquitos can breed in as little as a bottle cap of standing water. Thus, you should carry out a thorough inspection of your yard to find any containers of water. This includes any pools, children’s toys, plant trays, garbage cans, and gutters. Note, if you do have a swimming pool so long as it’s properly chlorinated it won’t increase your risk of mosquitos.

Standing water can even be an issue directly on your lawn, as inclement weather can allow it to collect and sit. After each rainstorm, check for areas where water seems to pool or takes awhile to drain. If you find water pooling regularly in the same area, you may have a drainage issue that requires some attention to prevent water from pooling and becoming a breeding ground for insects—if you find this is the case it’s best to reach out to a reliable lawn renovation team like Andora’s to assist you in addressing the problem.

Keep up with lawn maintenance

Another key part of maintaining a mosquito free yard, is keeping up with lawn care. Mosquitos love to hang out in cool, damp, shady areas—in addition to water. Shady spots near trees, tall grass, or brushy areas are heaven for mosquitos, thus, you should focus on getting rid of those areas. Additionally, the more sunlight that touches your yard, the less likely you are to have wet or damp spots that foster mosquito breeding, disease, or mildew.

Seek out alternatives

There are many natural remedies for mosquitos. One long time favorite are calendula candles. Calendula candles are known to ward of mosquitos and they smell great too. Consider placing some around your yard on your patio or outdoor table. Light those at night while hanging out to encourage mosquitos to fly elsewhere. Additionally, you might also try a bug zapper—those can be very effective against mosquitos and other insects.

Spray your yard and utilize landscaping

If your mosquito problem has become particularly bad, your own efforts to prevent them haven’t worked, or you live near a large water source that produces many mosquitoes (such as a lake or pond), then having your landscaping sprayed is the next logical step. The EPA has approved several mosquito repellents that are proven to be effective at eliminating the majority of pests, and when applied by a trained professional (like our team at Andora), they’re safe for your family.

Reach out to a lawn care specialist!

While all the remedies listed above can certainly be effective, the absolute best way to attain a mosquito free yard is to reach out to certified lawn care specialists like those at Andora. At Andora, we offer targeted organic mosquito control services and can help you get your lawn in shape for the warmer months. Reach out to Andora today for exceptional lawn care services!


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