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The Ultimate Andora Lawn Care Guide
November 28, 2022 at 10:00 PM
Mowing The Lawn

Lawn owners know that caring for a lawn is more than just watering the grass. Like a pet, lawns need careful intervention, care, and upkeep to keep them healthy and thriving. Unlike a pet, though, lawns don’t bark when they’re thirsty or stop eating when they’re unwell. Therefore, Larchmont-area lawn owners need to find guidelines that clearly outline the best practices for caring for their grassy areas to ensure they stay healthy and happy year-round.

Andora is the expert service for keeping lawns in Larchmont, Rye, and New Rochelle thriving and mosquito-free. To maintain a robust, happy lawn, follow our guide to lawn care and watch your green space flourish.

Andora’s Tips for Lawn Maintenance

in New Rochelle, Larchmont, and Rye, NY

It’s essential to think seasonally when you're keeping an eye on your grass. Home and business owners often remember of the more regular tasks – like mowing and watering – but neglect the bigger-picture upkeep that will protect your lawn in the long run. Andora’s guide for lawn care is divided into “seasonal” and “regular” tasks. By following Andora’s comprehensive guide, you can be sure that your lawn has both the upkeep and prevention handled.

Andora’s Seasonal Lawn Care Guide

Early April: Weed Control

Weed control should include a prescription for your specific soil type, grass species, weed types, and sprinkler configuration. Weeds should be treated depending on how they appear, i.e., before they surface or once they have emerged.

Late Spring: Fertilize

Applying a nitrogen-rich fertilizer transforms lawns from tired and pale patches to lush, thick, green swaths.

Mid-Summer: Insect Control

Bugs and insects can lay waste to the hard work you put into fertilizing and weeding. By chewing lawn blades and roots, these mighty mites can band together and take down an entire lawn.

Fall: Fertilize, Core Aerate & Seed Renovate