How To Prepare For Lawn Restoration

A lush, green lawn is not only essential to your home’s curb appeal; it also increases the living space in your home during the summer. A brown, spotty lawn plagued by weed growth or mosquitos stops families from spending time outdoors. When the weeds and insects are severe enough, the best option to revitalize your home’s outdoor space is a complete lawn restoration. If you’re sick of your yard looking run down, Andora Lawn Care provides comprehensive lawn restoration services in Larchmont.

Signs you need total lawn restoration.

When you deal with a lackluster lawn year after year, it’s hard to know when to call in professionals for help. If basic fertilization and seasonal treatments aren’t resolving these issues, only an experienced pro can get you actual results. Here are some of the most common issues our lawn restoration clients deal with:

  • Dead spots: dry, depleted soil that won’t grow grass.
  • Thin grass: you can see the ground through the grass blades
  • Excessive weeds: large patches of weeds or weeds growing throughout the lawn

These are just a few of the signs of an ailing lawn. When you schedule a consultation with Andora Lawn Care, a pro will evaluate your property and recommend treatment, whether simply weed control and fertilization or total lawn restoration.

The Andora Lawn Care Restoration Plan

Our team brings years of experience and concentrated attention to every lawn we treat. When we recommend a restoration plan, we see it as the best path to a lush lawn for years to come. Our technicians take the guesswork out of lawn care, scheduling the services you need when you need them. The restoration plan is the best way to get the lawn of your dreams; it includes the following services and a one-year guarantee.

Weed Removal

The thorough elimination of all weeds in a lawn is essential to stimulate future growth. Weeds consume nutrients from the soil, starving the grass blades and preventing seeds from taking root. Our team performs manual and systemic removal of weeds every week. We administer pre-emergent treatment to prevent future weed growth at the root level.

Core Aeration

Lawn coring mechanically removes soil plugs from a yard. Creating holes in an ailing lawn may feel counterintuitive, but this step is essential to bring light and nutrients into the soil. Homeowners who have been trying to treat their lawns with home remedies often find core aeration to be a game-changer for revitalizing their property.

Sprinkler System Evaluation

Your sprinkler system may create more problems than it solves, including missing yard areas and creating standing water where mosquitoes and other insects breed. During the complete lawn restoration plan, our technicians will evaluate your sprinkler system and offer recommendations for optimizing the coverage for your lawn.


We use a mechanical slitting technique to seed with Tall Fescue-type seeds. This technique optimizes soil to seed contact for improved germination and better results than traditional seeding. Reseeding is the final step in lawn restoration, resulting in approximately four to six weeks.

Andora Lawn Care provides skilled lawn restoration and renovation in Larchmont, Mamaroneck, and New Rochelle.

The team behind Andora Lawn Care dedicates itself to transforming outdoor spaces so homeowners can enjoy their property with lush, beautiful, mosquito-free lawns. We’re a locally-owned and operated business, so many clients are our neighbors. Andora exclusively services Larchmont, Mamaroneck, and New Rochelle. This restricted service area ensures we can provide our clients and their lawns with personalized attention. Working with Andora Lawn Care is stress-free and the best way to get a lush, mosquito-free yard without any hassle.

Contact Andora Lawn Care to schedule an appointment for a consultation and learn more about our lawn restoration services.


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