What To Look For In Mosquito Spraying Companies

In the spring and summer seasons, your lawn is your oasis. It’s a pleasant green space on your property that you can enjoy with friends and family members for activities ranging anywhere from barbecuing to sunbathing or even enjoying good times together around an outdoor fire pit. No matter the size of your lawn, it’s a setting for all forms of outdoor enjoyment, whether you’re with others or hanging out on your own.

But beware: the prime seasons for enjoying your lawn are also the primary time of the year during which insects become a much more frequent nuisance. Mosquitoes, in particular, can be especially troublesome for a variety of reasons. They aren’t just an annoying source of uncomfortable bumps and bites on your skin; they, along with insects like ticks which you may also find on your lawn, can transmit serious illnesses that threaten the safety of your family.

Getting help from professional mosquito spraying companies can help combat this threat and rid your lawn of annoying pests, but it’s important to know what to look for in any team you’re considering hiring for the job. You need to be sure their solutions are going to be safe for your family members, that the work they do will keep mosquitoes away for a substantial amount of time, and ideally, that they can repel other dangerous insects in your lawn, too!

Prioritizing the health of family members and your lawn

Homeowners all across the United States use some form of pest control product to keep insects like mosquitoes away from their lawns and landscapes, but you need to make sure the product you’re using is going to make your lawn a safe place for yourself and your family, too. Some pesticide products use chemicals that may present health hazards to people that come into contact with them.

A company you choose to work with should use a minimally-harmful solution that preserves not only your own health, but that of your lawn, too. They should explain to you any safety considerations you should take into account with the product they’re using and provide detailed instructions for how long you should stay off your lawn before safely returning to enjoy it without the presence of mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

Treatments that last

The pest control treatments offered by a mosquito spraying company should also keep your lawn protected from unwanted insects for an extended period of time. Applications for flying insects like mosquitoes can typically be expected to last up to 30 days (4 weeks).

Ideally, the applications your company uses should minimize the time you need to spend away from your lawn and maximize the amount of time you can spend enjoying it safe from harmful chemicals and pests.

Repelling more than just mosquitoes

If the company you work with can do a great job at repelling mosquitoes, it’ll go a long way toward making your lawn enjoyable again. Better than that, though, is if they can rid you of ticks and other insects, too! Ticks in particular commonly carry some of the same diseases often associated with mosquitoes, like Lyme disease, as well as much more deadly ones like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Looking for a mosquito spraying company that can handle the most harmful insects on your lawn, make your space usable again, and do it all in a way that keeps you and your family safe from harmful chemical products? Andora Lawn Care offers a 100% Organic Mosquito Control Plan, as well as other options for protecting against mosquitoes and ticks. Ready to learn more? Contact us for more information or schedule an appointment to get started now!


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